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Deulghata – a historical place with old Jain temples and Kasai River.

Holy place Purulia Weekend tour West Bengal

Deulghata is a place of tourist interest situated in the district of Purulia in west Bengal. If you love a lonely place, a place of historic interest, a place of religious interest, you must visit Deulghata.


Deulghata is near Jaypur. It is located about 6 kilometers from Jaypur on Ranchi-Purulia road. From Purulia town, the distance is about 30 Km. Car will be the most convenient and helpful transport.

Deulghata routemap
Deulghata routemap

Anyone want to visit Deulghata should go to Purulia and from there by car, only about 50 minuits Journey. The condition of the road is good.


Deulghata is a historical place.

Deulghata is situated in the bank of Kasai River, now remains mostly dry in summer months. But, once upon a time, definitely this river was live and all civilization spread through the river route. This might be the reason that this point of ancient religious place is situated on a river bank.

Purulia to deulghata
Purulia to deulghata

In one opinion, about 2500 years ago, Jainism flourished in the western part of West Bengal as well as Bihar-Orissa region.



Deulghata ia a place of Jain temple.

Temple in deulghata
Temple in deulghata

Jains constructed many Temple. Deulghata had three Temple until 2002, when one temple collapsed and now only two temple remains.

The main temple was collapsed on 30th September 2002.

Deulghata temple 2
Deulghata temple 2

Jains constructed numerous brick and stone temple. There might be more than three temple at Deulghata, but as per Joseph David Beglar, an Armenian-Indian engineer, who explored Manbhum region in 1870s reported the existence of only three temples in Deulghata.

But, the entire area is littered with stone and bricks structural elements, so, this can be assumed that, there were more than three temple at Deulghata. No record or history available. But the brick and stone scattered not in Deulghata, but also found in many other village like Para, Pakbira, Deulghata, Deuli and Banda.

All temples follow the Oriya duel style architecture. The two temples present at present follow Oriya Rekh Deul style of architecture. The bricks of the temple are thin and less than 2 inch thickness. All the outer side was decorated and fine decorative arts works can still be seen on the stone and bricks.

Inside the temple, “Shiva Linga” is placed. This might be done latter, not the original one. Because Jains do not believe in Shiva worship

The temple collapsed in 2002 has no remnants but a Shiva lingam is placed in that site.

Kasai River:

Not only is the temple, the Kasai River also a place of tourist interest. We found a narrow stream of water in the beginning of summer, but in rainy seasons, the river must fill with water.

The river bed is formed with stones. Some stones are many layered and water runs between the stones with a flowing noise. You will definitely love the river bed and you must take selfies and picture.

Other deity:

There is a four handed female deity in a nearby small hut.

There is a statue of Chandi also.

Another stone statue represent goddess Durga in a Mahishasur mardini style.

All these deities of Hindu goddess must have been placed later on .

The nature:

Nature around temple
Nature around temple

Deulghata is a calm and silent place. Local people rarely come here. Sometimes students, picnic party and tourist visit the place. There is a school near the temple site.


There are many long trees surrounds the temple. In April many honey comb can be seen in these trees. There are lots of birds live on the trees.

Temple area surrounds plain cultivating lands.


Overall, Deulghata will definitely give you new ideas and you will enjoy the tour. If you are interested, go early, otherwise temple may collapse at any time.

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